Build New or Buy Existing

Trying to find your new home and frustrated with the existing range of houses?  Wondering if you can afford to build new?  Then you may be surprised to know that building new could be more affordable than you thought.  What’s more, many existing homes tend to be overpriced, in need of additional heating and insulation, or other build work.

Key Factors to Consider When Deciding to Build New or Buy Existing

When deciding to purchase your 1st home, or upgrading from your existing home, there are many factors to take into consideration.  What’s more, there is a common misconception that it is more expensive to build new then buy an existing home.  This is not necessarily the case, they can be very comparable in price and in some locations it can actually be cheaper to build new than buy existing.

Factors to Consider

  • Desired level of home insulation - this truly can make a difference to the comfort of enjoying your new home.
  • Glazing, location, size of windows - many older homes experience condensation on windows and have only single glazing; therefore not providing the same level of insulation as newer, modern homes.
  • Placement of rooms and orientation to the sun - Optimum placement of your key living rooms, located to maximise the natural path of the sun, can truly make a difference to your daily living and your long-term costs of heating your home.
  • Ongoing home maintenance requirements - With older homes the amount of work and cost of maintaining your home can be significantly higher than homes built with new, lower maintenance materials.

For many new homeowners, once they have lived in their new home they would never downgrade to an existing home willingly again.  The most common comment we get from our clients who have moved into a new home for the first time is “it seems like the heating is on as the house is so constantly warm."

If you are considering building new, we offer a free 1 hour consultation.  In this free consultation we will answer all your questions and explain exactly what it will cost for you to build. 

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