Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the building process?

This will depend upon the size and complexity of your home. However for a normal say 200m2 home allow approximately 6-7 months. Although when you include design and building consent time this will extend the time frame to between 10 and 12 months

How much a m² does it cost to build?

This is one of the great myths of the building industry. Let me share with you a little analogy. A BMW 3 series and a Toyota Corolla both have four doors, carry five people and are approximately the same size. Do you think that they cost the same? Well it is the same with new homes, the make up of products and quality can differ markedly which will affect the final cost.

Each project needs to be looked at individually to determine all its unique factors so that a true cost can be determined. Primesite can set an accurate budget so that your drawings will match the amount of money you wish to spend.

Should I build in summer or winter?

The fact of the matter is that with the kiln dried framing products that we use nowadays it makes very little difference. You may need to allow a few weeks of downtime for weather dependant items like texture coating, during winter months.

Who insures the property whilst its under construction?

If you’re building new then your builder will insure the property during construction. Insist upon viewing the policy and if necessary have your interest noted upon it. Don’t forget to arrange your insurance at handover.If you’re renovating your existing home then you provide the insurance cover.

Will the workmen mind if we visit the site?

On Primesite projects the owners are welcome at any time and in fact we encourage them to visit often. In fact we arrange a fortnightly on site meeting with the client to go through the general program and if there are any issues or changes you may have.

Should I have the contract documents independently checked?

Never sign any agreement without first having an independant person peruse and comment on their contents. This maybe your lawyer or someone who is qualified in the building industry.

What size deposit should be expected?

Any reputable builder will only ask for approximately 5% of the contract or a maximum of $20,000.00.

Can other builders who aren’t Registered Master Builders offer guarantees?

Yes any builder can offer a guarantee but it is only as sound as the builders company. Only a Registered Master Builder can offer a Masterbuild Guarantee which is backed up by the Master Build Services Ltd.

Do you need a licenced builder?

From March 2012 all builders who wish to complete new homes must be licenced to work on the critical elements of the house. These are the structure and the building envelope. This is to ensure that your home is constructed by a trained building professional. The results will be a structurally sound home that is weather tight.

How do payments work?

Payments for new homes are usually based on milestones of progress. Payments are often made on the following basis. All payments stated below include GST.

Design Fee:  $3000

Contract Deposit:  5% of the contract or a maximum of $20,000

Completion of Foundations, Fees and Permits:  13%

Completion of all Wall and Roof Framing:  18%

Completion of Closed In (Roof, Windows, Cladding):  27%

Completion of all Internal Linings:  17%

Completion of Internal Painting:  12%

Final Payment:  8% (upon completion and handover.)

It is important that you pay your builder promptly but never in advance. Make sure that all necessary inspections are carried out and certificates issued prior to final payment.

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