Finance Solutions

For clients who want an easier building process, smoother running finance, and potentially access to more funds – we recommend NewBuild Residential Construction Lending.

Key Benefits of NewBuild Residential Construction Lending:

  • Low deposit, as low as 5%, so it makes owning a brand new home just a short step away.
  • If your loan application is successful, your loan will be with Sovereign Home Loans Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of ASB Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia). Your interest rates will in fact be the published Sovereign rates less a NewBuild discount of 0.1% when you use a qualified NewBuild advisor.
  • An Interest reserve reduces any out of pocket costs, so monthly interest payments are not required while your home is being built. This takes the stress out of your building project, while helping you afford more of a home than you may qualify for with other banks.
  • A Contingency reserve to cover any upgrades you may choose to make during the build of your new home.
  • Professional management of your construction loan, which allows you to focus on enjoying the building process, without the stress, hassle and cost of having to manage progress valuations and progress payments during your new home build.

Just as any discerning buyer will look into several building companies before choosing their builder, we recommend that you do the same with your lender.

You can find out more about NewBuild Residential Construction Lending at:
0800 639 284
Finance Solutions