Free 1 Hour Consultation

Getting underway with building your new home can sometimes feel somewhat overwhelming. The first step often involves finding the right site or section, followed closely by looking at the design and style of your desired house.

If you have commenced the process of looking for a site or section, or have purchased your chosen section, Primesite Homes offers a Free 1 Hour Consultation.

In this free 1 hour consultation:

  • We take the time to explain to you the build process; from start to finish.
  • Explain how much it will cost you to build your desired home.
  • Talk to you about suitable design options and how well they will fit to your site or section.
  • Explain to you how Primesite Homes can assist you with the design and build.
  • Answer all your questions about building a new home.

From our free 1 hour consultation you’ll have a clear idea of what you can get for your money. In just 60 minutes of meeting with our building experts, we could save you tens of thousands of dollars on your new build. From our experience, and over the many years of building new homes, we have learnt that a smart build can truly save you money.

PLUS: If you would like assistance with choosing your new section, we offer a Free No Obligation Site/Section Assessment.

Contact Us to book in your free 1 hour consultation.

Did you know that building new could be more affordable than you thought? Building new may be cheaper than buying existing or altering that old home