Subdivision & Infill Housing

At Primesite Homes one of our speciality areas is designing and building new homes on a wide range of sections.  This includes working on subdivided small and larger sized sections.  If you are considering subdividing your land, the first step you need to undertake is to contact a local surveyor. 

Once a surveyor has confirmed that subdivision is viable, Primesite Homes can then provide advice and assistance regarding your build options.  We offer a free on-site consultation, however this is only applicable once you have engaged a surveyor to confirm your subdivision options.

Our Design and Build Service Includes:

  • Free on site consultation, to explain to you your design and build options, likely costs, the build process, and any other questions you may have.
  • Full design and build service, customised for your section and budget.
  • Full project management throughout the build project, including building consents.
  • Regular progress updates and scheduled on-site visits throughout the build.
  • Assistance and support with securing a likely purchaser for the new home (if required).

Please Note:  We do not handle the actual ‘subdivision’ of your land.  Your surveyor will guide you through this process.

Once you have completed your first step, and your surveyor has confirmed your subdivision options, please Contact Us for a free 1 hour consultation.