Carol & Phil Brown Sub-Divide Their Section

Carol Brown confessed to feeling nervous when she and her husband Phil decided to sub-divide their section and build with Primesite Homes.

She says it was the unknown which she found difficult, in particular not being able to visualise the house from the plans. “Primesite were great in helping me understand the products and the actual room sizes. They visited our existing home and showed me how to compare the room sizes of the new home to what we have. It made the process so much easier and clearer,” said Carol.

Primesite had come highly recommended by a work colleague who had built with them before, but I was apprehensive because I was going into unknown territory. However knowing what I know now, building is easier than you think. I would build again and certainly use Primesite Homes again.

Carol & Phil had an existing home on a large sub-dividable section. They wanted a new home for themselves and planned to retain their existing home and rent it as an investment. They turned to Primesite to handle the whole project including design and sub-division. Both Carol and Phil have busy careers and wanted a hands off, hassle free project, with one point of contact.

Phil says he was confident about the building process because he was living “on the spot” and he could keep a close eye on progress. They had also been impressed with the workmanship and service provided on the home Primesite had built for Carol’s work colleague, and that of other homes they were able to view. Primesite gave us any number of previous referees that we were able to select and check at random.

Carol says “Primesite Homes were really switched on. They seemed to know intuitively what we wanted. Nothing seemed to be a problem during the building. We had none of the dramas that people talk about. The home is such an easy home to live in and enjoy”

Carol and Phil Brown