Good service, accommodating and helping beyond the scope of work. Built their family home for them not just once … but three times.

Hello, my name is Theo. I am a family man, self-employed and very cautious when I go into an agreement which involves hundreds of thousands of dollars. Primesite Homes has built three homes for us; in 1999 I built my first home.

In the Yellow Pages I found several design and build companies and met with their representatives. My aim was to select a company I could trust to start and finish the job, build the house properly, do what we agreed on, do what was best for us and not leave a partially finished job with legal disputes. Also, I didn’t want any cowboys offering short cuts and special deals.

I chose Primesite Homes and to my delight all went well and our first home was finished.

Ten years on we built another two homes.

I again did my due diligence. The economic times were tough with many companies going out of business. Primesite Homes was still operating. I again wanted to satisfy the six issues previously stated and after about a year of negotiations and changes we again engaged Primesite Homes.

Our homes were built and finished and we are happy to have moved in.

While building I could run through ideas or concerns with any person in Primesite Homes. The service I got was good. When I requested site visits they were arranged. Changes were accommodated. Our best interests were respected. At no time did I feel Primesite Homes looked for the opportunity to take advantage of any situation. And I can say they even helped us beyond their scope of work. Thank you Primesite Homes.