Tracey Turner | Design and Build Consultant

Tracey is an experienced Design and Build Consultant; she will take you through the design process from your initial site visit all the way through to the completion of your new home or building.

She was born here in Wellington but grew up on the North Shore in Auckland. After college, Tracey got the travel bug and was off to America for what was supposed to be a short OE and ended up as a 20 year adventure! Seven years ago she returned home to New Zealand; she is happily married with two daughters.

With over 15 years of sales experience under her belt, from both here in NZ and in the USA, she has a great understanding and empathy with clients and takes on their building projects with the same passion and commitment as if it were her own.

Tracey thoroughly enjoys every aspect of her job…from the initial meeting and getting to know her clients’ needs, all the way through to seeing the excitement on their faces when they get the keys to their beautiful new home.

So, whether you are first time homeowners looking to start a family, a retired couple looking for a low maintenance home, or someone who is looking for investment opportunities in the multi-unit market, she can help you get the home you want within your budget.

She is always keen to help people with getting their dream home. Please feel free to give Tracey a call and get your new home building project started today!